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Prepper’s Guide to Home Security Systems

home security system guide

A Prepper’s Guide to Home Security Systems Every prepper should be well-equipped in case of a home invasion. Proper home protection can be the difference between a failed burglary attempt and a dangerous survival situation. With all the options out there, it can be difficult to determine the best home security systems. Here’s what you should look out for according ...

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Nine things to make your car survival ready

vehicle survival

Survival preparations can be very different when you’re at home and when you’re outside. They change again when you are in a vehicle going places. Your car can be a very important factor to your survival when you’re outside. Of course, it is important to make sure you have all the needed mechanical tools to repair your car when needed. ...

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Water – A Source of Alternative Energy

water for survival energy

Water. An element you desperately need to survive. Water is available nearly everywhere. Did you know you can use it as an alternative energy source? That’s right. It’s not just for drinking. Water can actually power your house. How can that be? You may not believe this, but water is a powerful substance. Look at a tsunami. See how descriptive ...

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Best Bug Out Offroad Vehicle For Survival

Best bug out vehicle for survival

There are 3 things that we know about crisis and disaster: they are unpredictable, they are inevitable and they suck. Whether it is a nuclear attack, an alien invasion, a civil war or even a natural disaster, there is no denying how devastating it can be especially if you were not in any way prepared. So whether you are an ...

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Upgrade Your Home Security with the G700 Tactical Flashlight

G700 Tactical Flashlight

The G700 Tactical Flashlight for Home Security The comfort of the home is the most important thing all of us who go home just to feel safe, but what happens when suddenly that comfort disperse. In the case of a blackout or a fire or any kind of accident, we all have to be prepared to maintain the comfort level ...

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